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Shout Out to Shep Greene, The Somerset Hills HandyMan

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Last month (July 2010) was the month when everything broke:

  • My shower… the one with the ridiculously expensive parts and fixtures, thanks to the fabulous taste of the prior owners of our home.  The drip drip drip is enough to drive me crazy.  Call went out to Reissman Plumbing in Chester, NJ, but they have to wait for a special wrench from the manufacturer before they can replace the leaky part.
  • My dishwasher… turned out to be an internal fuse, and Tony from American Pride Appliance took care of it
  • Rex’s Blackberry… but we got a new one (and a $100 rebate) from Vince at the AT&T Store in Bridgewater Commons
  • The deal that Rex and I have been working on for almost a year.  Yammering about the results of their due diligence, the buyer wanted to retrade (downward) the negotiated deal and our client just said no.

This month (August 2010) is the month when we put everything back together, including (cross fingers and toes, despite the difficulty walking in flip flops) the broken deal…by getting something done with another interested party on more favorable terms.  All of the repair work, plus the reminder of a postcard in the mail, got me thinking about Shep Greene, the Somerset Hills Handyman.

About three or four years ago, Rex and I had a laundry list of things we needed to get done around the house and the yard… shelving in the barn, a gate falling off its hinges, hanging my punching bag in our basement gym, an electronic garage door that wouldn’t open and close, some minor repairs to London and Maddie’s outdoor play structure, a little drilling here, a little hammering there. I think we found Shep Greene, the Somerset Hills Handyman, through our fabulous Bernardsville realtor, Ann Tannen, who spent two years helping us to find the perfect home in the Roxiticus Valley when we left New York City in 2003. He had also done some work (see photo on left) for one of our neighbors down the road. Shep came out and gave us a fair price on the labor and materials for everything on our list, and he and his team got the job done quickly and reliably.

Now, of course, it has been a while since a handyman has seen the inside (or outside) of our home, and the laundry list has grown again… a little electrical work here, a little carpentry there.  And I’m hoping I can find someone who can get all of my audio video devices running through all seven speakers in the family room without costing me my first born.

Call Shep Greene, the Somerset Hills Handyman at (908) 766-3618. These days, his clients are less likely to undertake large scale, ambitious home improvement projects because the value-add is not apparent.  Instead, Somerset Hills Handyman works with clients to analyze the areas and aspects of their homes that need updating, maintenance or outright repair.  One of the best services the Somerset Hills Handyman provides is an independent appraisal of the best project(s) to undertake right now for the best bang-for-the-buck.  Elect the projects that improve your living space and add immediate pleasure and enjoyment.  Or elect to undertake repairs and maintenance that protect your investment in your home.

Whether you’re interested in his new modular remodeling services or everything in your home seems to be falling apart, or something from the list of things Roxy can’t do herself (below), Somerset Hills Handyman will get the job done for you.

  • Kitchen updates and remodeling - design, countertops, plumbing fixtures, cabinets and appliance installation
  • Flooring - installation of all types of wooden flooring, refinishing, Pergo, Bruce, Mannington, Bellawood
  • Bath updates and remodeling - fixtures, tile, marble lighting & vents, toilets, sinks, vanities, bathtubs and showers
  • Tile, caulk, & grout removal/repair and steam cleaning
  • Decks & patios - certified installation of Trex decking, mahogany, and Douglas Fir, paver installation, pergolas & patios, hot tubs
  • Doors & windows - replacements, repairs, handles, locks, & deadbolts
  • Custom cabinetry, bookcases, fireplace mantels, closet shelving installation
  • Basement, finishing, media & entertainment rooms, offices, wine cellars
  • Attic stairs, ceiling fans & vents
  • Additions, including design services, permits, & general contracting
  • Walls - sheetrock, siding, beaded board, veneer paneling
  • Ceilings - plaster, sheetrock, drop, tongue & groove, tiled
  • Concrete & brick - walkways, steps, walls, windows
  • Trim & Moldings - wainscoting, architectural woodworking, crown, door & window casings, cabinets, bookcases & built-ins
  • Electrical fixture replacements, switches & dimmers, CO and fire detectors
  • Staircases - spiral, exterior, interior, banisters, balusters and newel posts

And be sure to tell Shep, the Somerset Hills Handyman, that Roxy sent you… he’ll get the job done for you, and I like to get his cheerful phone calls!

The Somerset Hills Handyman, Bernardsville, NJ.  Phone:  (908) 766-3618

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